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June 5th, 2018

Cannabis Prices Per Gram in Canada

The following chart shows the average price per gram reported in a voluntary anonymous survey if 18,500 people in Canada who reported the prices paid across the country for dried Cannabis for medical and non-medical purposes.

Region Average price per gram
British Columbia $6.91
Prairies $7.11
Ontario $7.35
Quebec $5.86
Atlantic provinces $7.03
Territories $9.51
Canada $6.80

Data source: Statscan June 2018

An interesting finding in the data is the consumption of Cannabis per month by those who consumed Cannabis for medical reasons with medical prescriptions, those who consumed Cannabis for medical purposes without a doctors recommendation or prescriptions, and those who smoked Cannabis recreationally.

  • Cannabis used as medication with medical documents/prescriptions: 22.8 grams per month
  • Cannabis used as medication with no medical documents/prescription: 8.8 grams per month
  • Cannabis used for recreational use: 5.9 grams per month

Consumption data indicates that 36% of Cannabis consumers consume 88% of the total Cannabis consumed in Canada. Based on reported daily Cannabis use, this corresponds to 150,100 people in Canada being responsible for 88% of the Cannabis consumption in Canada which is an interesting statistic. Legalization of Cannabis for medical purposes would fit the stats of consumption and usage better than allowing the big weed to sell commercially and and via retail when it seems obvious the only benefit of recreational use is for the producers and sellers of the product as a clear minority of Canadians, less than 1%, are the main benefactors of legal weed.

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