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August 17th, 2019

Medical and Recreational Cannabis Laws in Alberta, Canada

On October 17, 2018, Canada passed The Cannabis Act, which made recreational cannabis use legal for adults over 18 years of age. Under federal law,…

August 16th, 2019

What You Need to Know About the Thriving Cannabis Black Market

Cannabis legalization has opened up access to medical and recreational marijuana for hundreds of thousands of consumers. Unfortunately, legalization efforts across the country have also…

August 15th, 2019

The Best Cannabis Rolling Trays on the Market

Whether you like to consume weed from joints, spliffs, blunts, glass pipes, or vaporizers, a rolling tray is an essential component to elevating your cannabis…

August 14th, 2019

How to Apply for a Medical Cannabis Card in Montana

Montana residents legalized medical marijuana in 2004 when they approved Measure I 148, the Montana Medical Marijuana Act, with a 62 percent majority vote. Although…

August 13th, 2019

6 Vegan Edibles You Have to Try

Cannabis has rightfully earned a reputation as a therapeutic plant for a multitude of health conditions. It’s no wonder that cannabis companies and consumers are…

August 12th, 2019

Does Marijuana Use Lead to Violent Behavior?

In the wake of a spate of mass shootings, anti-pot legislators are blaming marijuana, video games, mental health, and everything else but gun accessibility for…

August 9th, 2019

Everything You Need to Know About High-Terpene Full-Spectrum Extracts

Most cannabis concentrate manufacturers use solvents such as butane, propane, hexane, and carbon dioxide (CO2) to extract the bioactive compounds of flower buds or trim.…

August 8th, 2019

Marijuana Tolerance Explained

Research and anecdotal evidence suggests that frequent cannabis consumption can diminish tolerance to cannabis compounds over time. Recreational and medical marijuana users are well aware…

August 7th, 2019

What is Cannabidivarin (CBDV) and What are its Effects?

Cannabis and hemp plants contain over 500 unique compounds including cannabinoids, terpenoids, flavonoids, and fatty acids. Terpenoids are the aromatic compounds that give cannabis strains…

August 6th, 2019

What We Know About Cannabis Use and Adolescent Brain Development

Cannabis legalization has many parents and researchers worried about the long-term implications of chronic marijuana use among adolescents. Cannabis use has become more accessible and…

August 5th, 2019

How to Apply for a Medical Cannabis Card in Maryland

Maryland’s medical marijuana program wasn’t up-and-running until December 1, 2017, almost five years after medical marijuana laws were passed in the state. Since then, Maryland’s…

August 4th, 2019

Can Cannabis Improve ALS Symptoms?

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects an estimated 30,000 Americans. Characterized by muscle weakness and degeneration, ALS has a significant…

August 2nd, 2019

6 Cannabis-Friendly Cities for Your Summer Getaway

Cannabis tourism has exploded in recent years with CBD-infused massages at boutique hotels, cannabis-friendly bed and breakfasts, and a wide array of pot-centric activities. Some…

August 1st, 2019

Maine Medical Marijuana Laws

Maine is known for its mouthwatering lobster, picturesque seaside towns, sweet-tart blueberries, and, now, their recreational and medical marijuana. In the 1970s, The Pine Tree…

July 28th, 2019

Congress Pushes Historic Cannabis Banking Bill

The 116th U.S. Congress is inching its way toward banking reform for legitimate cannabis businesses, but the landmark H.R. 1595 bill still has an uphill…

July 28th, 2019

How Cannabis Appellations Can Protect Small Farmers

If you live by California’s Emerald Triangle, a region in Northern California known for its flourishing cannabis production since the 1960s, you’re able to buy…

July 28th, 2019

Texas Cannabis College

The Lone Star State has been especially harsh in the past on marijuana use, cultivation, and possession, but recent efforts have made cannabis more accessible…

July 27th, 2019

Cool Off this Summer with these 10 Fruity Cannabis Strains

Summer is all about enjoying those sweet and seasonal flavors under the sun. Whether you’re lounging poolside or grilling some burgers at a cookout, cannabis…

July 26th, 2019

The Essential Guide to Cannabis Beverages

A growing number of adults are showing support for marijuana legalization and even consuming cannabis for recreational and medicinal purposes. A report by Grand View…

July 23rd, 2019

Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Suppositories

If you’re a long-time cannabis consumer, you’ve probably heard of cannabis suppositories, but have never actually given them a try. For some people, there’s no…

July 22nd, 2019

How to Start a Career as a Cannabis Lawyer

There a few industries that should consider guidance and legal advice if they were to emerge in the cannabis industry. There are never ending marijuana…

July 22nd, 2019

CBD for Dogs

Cannabidiol (CBD) use for dogs is a snowballing trend that has helped countless canines reduce anxiety, pain, and seizures. A recent research article published in…

July 21st, 2019

How to Land A Job As A Marijuana Lobbyist

If you want to influence the legislation or legislators to consider cannabis reform, you should consider becoming an advocate or marijuana lobbyist. As a lot…

July 19th, 2019

How to Apply for a Medical Marijuana Card in Arizona

Arizona legalized medical marijuana in 2010 when voters passed Prop. 203. Passage of the law signaled a win for cannabis reform in Arizona, but lawmakers…

July 18th, 2019

Medical Marijuana Laws in Nevada

Nevada’s medical marijuana laws were approved in 1998. It took well over a decade before medical patients could enter a licensed dispensary and buy cannabis-infused…

July 17th, 2019

Prenatal Cannabis Effects on Infants

Marijuana use has increased across all demographics due to recent cannabis legalization efforts. Pregnant women and women who have just given birth are consuming cannabis…

July 16th, 2019

Ohio Medical Board Delays Ruling on Medical Marijuana for Anxiety and Autism

Ohio residents’ hope for legal recreational marijuana was thwarted after a proposed constitutional amendment failed to make the 2019 ballot. In lieu of cannabis legalization,…

July 16th, 2019

Michigan’s New Recreational Cannabis Rules

Michigan’s Marijuana Regulatory Agency (MRA) recently released emergency regulations for its upcoming recreational cannabis market. On July 3, 2019, the MRA approved a set of…

July 15th, 2019

Hawaii Cannabis College

Hawaii’s stunning landscapes of canyons, lava fields, snow-capped mountains, and pristine beaches make the perfect backdrop for cannabis use, cultivation, and education. Hawaii is a…

July 12th, 2019

No Legal Weed for New York Yet

New York lawmakers couldn’t gather enough votes to pass the Marijuana Taxation and Regulation Act (MTRA) last month, leaving New Yorkers without legal weed for…

July 10th, 2019

How to Apply for a Medical Marijuana Card in Oregon

Oregon has had medical and recreational marijuana laws on the books since voters approved the Medical Marijuana Act in 1998 and the Control, Regulation, and…

July 9th, 2019

What is Synthetic Cannabis & Why is it So Bad?

Synthetic cannabis is a common misnomer for a type of “designer drug” that mimics the effects of marijuana but to a larger and sometimes more…

July 8th, 2019

Do You Really Need a Budtender Certification?

If you’re one of the many starry-eyed individuals hoping to get your fair share of the green rush, then you’ll need to learn as much…

July 7th, 2019

Are You Allergic to Cannabis?

Cannabis has been used for medicinal and recreational purposes for five millennia, but only recent scientific research has uncovered that cannabis is an allergen that…

July 6th, 2019

Cannabis Training at a Discount

Enrolling in a nationally recognized cannabis training course is more affordable than ever. For a limited time only, you can enroll in Cannabis Training University’s…

July 5th, 2019

Colorado’s New Rules Allow for Cannabis Cafes, Delivery, and More

Governor Jared Polis recently signed new cannabis laws into place legalizing social cannabis consumption and commercial delivery. On Wednesday, May 29, 2019, Polis gave the…

July 2nd, 2019

Washington Medical Marijuana Laws

Washington state has a lengthy history with cannabis decriminalization, but its recent legislative efforts have made The Evergreen State one of the leading medical marijuana…

June 29th, 2019

Growing Cannabis in a Tent

Growing weed in a tent is a great way to grow cannabis at home. You’re not going to be growing on an industrial level. However,…

June 28th, 2019

How to Apply for a Medical Marijuana Card in California

California residents legalized medical marijuana in 1996 when they passed Proposition 215, the Compassionate Use Act. In 2013, Senate Bill 420 gave patients additional protections…

June 27th, 2019

Cannabis Plant Defoliation Techniques

Defoliating your plants is the process of removing leaves to allow more light and airflow to reach your buds. Not only does defoliation promote growth…