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March 5th, 2020

Chronicle AM: Drug Policy Alliance Names New Leader, HI House Passes Drug Defelonization Bill, More… (3/4/20)

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The Drug Policy Alliance has a new executive director, Mexico's effort to legalize marijuana stalls in the Senate, the Oklahoma House moves to regulate kratom, and more. 


Oklahoma House Passes Bill to Regulate—Not Ban–Kratom. The House on Monday passed House Bill 2846, which would regulate kratom. The measure now heads to the Senate.

Drug Policy

Drug Policy Alliance Names Kassandra Frederique as New Executive Director. Ten-year Drug Policy Alliance veteran Kassandra Frederique has been named executive director of the group following the resignation of Maria McFarland Sanchez-Moreno earlier this year. Frederique was managing director of policy, advocacy, and campaigns before being named executive director. "Kassandra is well suited to lead DPA," the group said in a press release. "Kassandra started at DPA a decade ago as an intern. Her exemplary work propelled her meteoric rise through the organization… In New York, she ran the campaign that reduced marijuana arrests in NYC by 84%. Through strategic advocacy, she shifted the politics around the issue, even bringing skeptic Gov. Cuomo around to the point that New York is now poised to legalize. Kassandra is the architect of innovative campaigns to roll back mass criminalization and expand the debate around overdose. Her voice leads national conversations about the complex interplay between race and the overdose crisis."

Hawaii Senate Approves Drug Defelonization Bill. The Senate on Tuesday approved a bill that turns low-level drug possession felonies into misdemeanors. House Bill 2581 would create a new fourth degree misdemeanor category for people caught with less than two grams of a controlled substance. Currently, possession of any amount of drugs except marijuana is a felony. The bill now heads to the House for consideration.

Idaho House Passes Bill Relaxing Mandatory Minimums for Heroin, Enacting Them for Fentanyl. The House on Monday passed House Bill 469, which relaxes mandatory minimum sentences for heroin, but added them for fentanyl. In the last two legislative sessions, the House voted to end mandatory minimums, but those bills never moved in the Senate. Now, we'll see if this one does.


Mexico Marijuana Legalization Stalled in Senate. With less than two months to meet a Supreme Court deadline to legalize marijuana, legislation to get it done has stalled in the Senate. That's according to opposition Senator Miguel Angel Mancera, who said there is no consensus between the parties. “[Legislation for] recreational use is not moving. It’s more difficult than outsourcing,” the former Mexico City mayor said, referring to a congressional battle over outsourcing last year.

Fentanyl Trade Fuels Cartel Battle in Central Mexico. Five competing drug trafficking groups are fighting over control of the fentanyl trade in the north-central state of Zacatecas, and it's leaving a toll of dead. The number of killings in the state reached 666 last year, more than double the figure from a decade ago. The Jalisco New Generation Cartel and the Sinaloa Cartel dominate the trade, but three other groups are trying to muscle in. They are the Gulf Cartel and two offshoots of the Zetas, known as the Talibanes and the Northeastern Cartel.

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Aunque el dictamen para regular #cannabis tiene deficiencias, va en el sentido correcto: vamos a regular un derecho para dejar atrás la política de prohibición que ha generado tanta injusticia para las poblaciones más pobres y excluidas

Würdest Du bei Dir Cannabis anbauen, wenn es legal wäre?

#Cannabis legalisieren. Jetzt.

Me encuentro reunida con mis compañeras y compañeros senadores, discutiendo y analizando la regulación de la #Cannabis.

Atenderemos lo que ya estableció la @SCJN con responsabilidad y compromiso.

Rather than spend billions in #cannabis sector M&A like we did in Canada, GW placed its bets on R&D/clinical trials: Over $400 million in past 3 years.

R&D expenses for 2018 and ’19:

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Ich probier mal ne neue Strategie

Menschen dienen nicht Gesetzen. Gesetze dienen Menschen. Ungerechte Gesetze zu ändern ist zentrale Aufgabe der Politik. Heute machen Gesetze Arme ärmer und Reiche reicher. Menschen werden grundlos kriminalisiert. Das muss sich ändern.

#Grundeinkommen #Cannabis #LegalizeIt

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Aunque el dictamen para regular #cannabis tiene deficiencias, va en el sentido correcto: vamos a regular un derecho para dejar atrás la política de prohibición que ha generado tanta injusticia para las poblaciones más pobres y excluidas

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People looking for legal cannabis now have another option.

The region’s second legal cannabis store opened on Fairway Road in Kitchener on Friday.

The shop is the second in Ontario …

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