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January 3rd, 2019

Chronicle AM: Federal Marijuana Cases Decline, Oregon Ponders MJ Exports, More… (1/2/19)

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Federal marijuana prosecutions are dropping as more states legalize, Oregon ponders legal marijuana exports, a South Carolina poll shows strong support for medical marijuana, and more.

Marijuana Policy

Federal Marijuana Prosecutions Are Declining. In a year-end report from the Supreme Court, Chief Justice John Roberts noted that while overall drug prosecutions increased during Fiscal Year 2018, marijuana prosecutions were down. “Drug crime defendants, who accounted for 28 percent of total filings, grew two percent, although defendants accused of crimes associated with marijuana decreased 19 percent,” Roberts wrote.

New York Governor Vows Marijuana Legalization in Inaugural Address. Gov Andrew Cuomo (D) used his inaugural address Tuesday to reiterate his support for legalizing marijuana. “When they write the history books and ask what did we do — in the face of anger and division, when people were disillusioned, let New York’s answer be that in this defining moment we brought healing and light and hope and progress and action,” he said. “That New York led on legalizing recreational marijuana, bringing justice and new economic opportunity not for rich corporations, but for the poor communities that paid too high a price for too long.” He also promised to propose “the most progressive agenda this state has ever seen, period” within a hundred days, and included marijuana legalization as part of that.

Oregon Ponders Becoming First State to Export Legal Marijuana. The Craft Cannabis Alliance, led by Adam Smith, is working with legislators on a plan to let the state start exporting marijuana to other legal pot states by 2021. Under draft language for a proposed bill, the state would allow wholesalers to ship across state lines to other legal pot states once the governor had signed a pact with the importing state to allow those deliveries. But any proposed bill to allow such sales faces obstacles at the federal level, where marijuana is still illegal.

Medical Marijuana

South Carolina Poll Has Strong Support for Medical Marijuana. A new poll from Benchmark Research finds that nearly three-quarters of South Carolinians are ready for medical marijuana. The poll had support at 72%, with even 63% of Republicans behind it. Medical marijuana bills last year won some committee votes, but were unable to advance.

Source: https://stopthedrugwar.org/chronicle/2019/jan/02/chronicle_am_federal_marijuana

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Heritage Cannabis Holdings Corp Extraction Facilities Coming Online in 2019 To Help Meet The Cannabis Demand https://t.co/gCJUEwG5Ib

#Cannabis #Marijuana

We should snag some IP victories while we can and move on to legalizing all drugs. #cannabis

I like #Tucker but he is so far off base when it comes to #marijuana, he is an unfortunate victim of the anti weed propaganda he grew up with. Tucker it is far better for you than alcohol, so please start lobbying for the banning of alcohol, you’re a hypocrite otherwise. #FoxNews

In case you missed it, the California #Cannabis Advisory Committee’s 2018 Annual Report was published to our website earlier this week!

The report covers over 79 subcommittee recommendations, informal presentations, and other global issues:


Did you know that by using #cannabis #dna, we can ‘trick’ plants to producing phytocannibinoids? Check out this cool #inforgraphic!

RE: earlier tweets: The US could trounce Canada by letting a #cannabis industry association regulate instead of government departments. If you think lil ol Canada is going to set the global regulatory standard, you’re dreaming. Canada doesn’t win any race to the bottom.

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