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January 26th, 2021

Green Mountain CBD Review – Now Known as SunSoil

Giantweed Canada has reprinted the article Green Mountain CBD Review – Now Known as SunSoil from Cannabis Training University.

Green Mountain CBD with cannabis surrounding it.What is the difference between SunSoil and Green Mountain CBD? They are both the same company, except that there was a Green Mountain name change into SunSoil. However, there is also a second Green Mountain Hemp Company, which is not the same as SunSoil. The SunSoil company creates premium CBD oil, soft gels, vegan capsules, coconut oil, and CBD sprays. Their products contain CBD, or cannabidiol, which has various medicinal properties, including relief from insomnia, back pain, arthritic pain, and anxiety. If you are new to CBD oils, you may have the frequently asked questions: Will CBD make me high? […]

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