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June 30th, 2020

Pineapple Express Strain Review

Giantweed Canada has reprinted the article Pineapple Express Strain Review from Cannabis Training University.

Pineapple Express Strain Review

Our Pineapple Express strain review covers “the dopest dope you’ve ever smoked.” Popularized by the cult classic movie of the same name, Pineapple Express has become one of the most popular strains available. Here’s everything you need to know about this energizing strain that delivers potent and long-lasting effects. What Strain is Pineapple Express? Pineapple Express is a powerful sativa-dominant strain with an exotic tropical aroma and fruity taste. Pineapple Express strains, generally, feature THC levels ranging between 14 and 19 percent. This balanced strain hybrid has a slight sativa dominance meaning the effects are a bit headier than couch-locking. […]

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