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July 16th, 2021

Study shows strong association between perceived risk, availability and past-year cannabis use

Combined perceptions of the risk and availability of cannabis influence the risk of cannabis use more than perceived risk and perceived availability alone, according to a new study. Researchers observed that those who perceived cannabis as low-risk and available were more likely to report using the drug in the past year and almost daily compared to those individuals who perceived cannabis as high-risk and unavailable. This is the first study to consider the joint effects of perceived risk and perceived availability.


Senate Democrats Roll Out Bill to End Federal Marijuana Prohibition [FEATURE]

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Free Drugs Handed Out in Vancouver, NJ Dismisses Nearly 88,000 Marijuana Cases with More to Come, More… (7/15/21)

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Joints for Jabs: California Vaccine Pop-up Lures People with Free Weed

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Delta-8 Products Regulated by New Michigan Law

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@POTUS must appoint a new commissioner @US_FDA to do a fair job and stop this corruption. What’s next #CBD #kratom #cannabis remember if they made a cannon is drug than that would be the excuse no to legalize #WakeUp #Freedom

¡La Declaratoria General de Inconstitucionalidad respecto a la prohibición del uso adulto de #cannabis se publicó en el Diario Oficial de la Nación!

¿Esto qué significa? 🧵


Veterans in Hawaii battle for reform of marijuana laws #MME #marijuana #cannabis #Veterans #Hawaii