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April 4th, 2021

The 303 Headband Review

Giantweed Canada has reprinted the article The 303 Headband Review from Cannabis Training University.

cannabis strains on white background, 303 headband reviewYou’ll begin learning about a cannabis strain that has earned the nickname of “Headwrecker” among consumers in this 303 Headband review. Coming from The Fire Department genetics, this strain is perfect for the heavy on-the-go smoker. For light smokers, 303 Headband simply might be too much to function in certain environments. Lighter smokers looking to transition to the major leagues of smoking might want to look into 303 Headband as an option. The 303 Headband Strain Genetics The Fire Department lived up to its name when creating 303 Headband by producing a potent strain. The lineage of this strain comes […]

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