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October 8th, 2020

Zkittlez Strain Review

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Zkittlez Marijuana Strain Review. Cannabis buds on white table.

  Our Zkittlez strain review goes over this indica-dominant strain featuring an abundance of flavors. Pungent, potent, and balanced. What more can you ask from your weed? Zkittlez’ sweet, fruity, and sour flavors truly let you “taste the rainbow.” Keep reading to find out more about this award-winning indica hybrid. What Strain is Zkittlez? Zkittlez, also known as Skittles or Skittlz, is a popular cannabis strain with 16-21 percent THC levels. Bred by a leading West Coast farm, Zkittlez has racked up awards like there’s no tomorrow, and not just for its flowers. Its rich terpene levels make it a […]

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