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October 9th, 2021

Breast milk of marijuana users does not hurt short-term health of early premature infants, long-term effects still unknown

Researchers compared early preterm infants who were fed breast milk from THC-positive mothers to those who were fed either formula or breast milk from THC-negative mothers and found no differences in short-term health impacts such as breathing difficulties, lung development, and feeding issues.


NY Governor Signs Package of Bills Aimed at Curbing OD Crisis, CA Governor Signs Hemp Regulation Bill, More… (10/8/21)

Rerolled: October 8, 2021 | #STDW Another poll has two-thirds support for freeing the weed, Oklahoma activists file …
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Most Affected: Seven Years After Leaving The Game, Community Leader Anthony Alegrete Gets Snagged

Rerolled from a High Times Original Article Authorities will get you, even if you’ve been out of the …
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NBA Won’t Randomly Test Athletes for Cannabis During 75th Season

Rerolled from a High Times Original Article The National Basketball Association (NBA) recently released a memo stating that …
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California Legalizes Smokable Hemp and Food Sales in Historic Bill

Rerolled from a High Times Original Article Today California Governor Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 45, establishing a …
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#RadioProhibo a l’école des biais

1️⃣ les contrôles ont explosés sous l’impulsion de @GDarmanin et les ordres d’@EmmanuelMacron de faire la guerre au méchant #cannabis pour séduire les électeurs.

2️⃣ le cannabis peut être détecté plusieurs jours après consommation, pas l’alcool.

Le Parisien on Twitter

“Le nombre de conducteurs contrôlés positifs au cannabis explose. Et se rapproche désormais des alcoolémies positives.

Les consommateurs d…

Today we did 7km.
Day 9 of walking to bring
@AliciaLMaher & other Medical Cannabis patients home.
Went out for a nice walk with my grandmother & the two dogs. Very foggy tonight!!!

In order to become a master grower, you need to master temperature control of your garden.

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