May 31st, 2018

The Giantweed Project: A Canadian Initiative

Please note we do not operate a retail storefront. All sales via our website are by mail order. We only ship within Canada. We do not ship to any country outside of Canada unless the Government of your country of residence has a legal agreement with the Government of Canada to allow the sale and distribution of and products that we are the vendors of.

For the safety of our members and the privacy of our membership we do not maintain a permanent office location. If you wish to contact us please use email.

Contact us by email:

Giantweed Project
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Vancouver, British Columbia

Based in Canada, is actively involved in education and awareness on the uses, dangers and benefits of marijuana use. We believe in the freedom to use natural resources derived from the planet without the industrialization or exploitation of these resources for the purpose of greed and profit. The creation of industries based on dependence and associated taxing of the sale of these resources is considered by us to be an indication of the darker side of society.

Medicinal cannabis may not ease sleep problems in the long run

Medicinal cannabis might not ease sleep problems in people with chronic pain over the long term, because frequent ...
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Chronicle AM: NM Pot Legalization Bill Filed, San Francisco Heroin/Fentanyl ODs Double, More… (1/24/20)

Rerolled: January 24, 2020 | #STDW A New Mexico pot legalization bill backed by the governor has been ...
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Big Pharma Exec Sentenced to Over Five Years in Prison For Role in Opioid Crisis

Rerolled from a High Times Original Article “He was already a billionaire when this started, and this made ...
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Chicago Shop Owner Gets Prison Sentence For Selling K2 Laced With Rat Poison

Rerolled from a High Times Original Article Convenience store owner Fouad Masoud, owner of the King Mini Mart ...
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CHICAGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cresco Labs (CSE:CL) (OTCQX:CRLBF) (“Cresco” or the “Company”), one of the largest vertically integrated multistate cannabis operators in the United States, announced today t ...

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After the SAFE Banking Act, a measure that would allow banks and financial institutions to serve legal marijuana companies, passed the U.S. House of Representatives on September 25, Colorado Congressman Ed P ...

Introducing: The Relm Wellness “Active” CBD Stick! Featuring frankincense, with high concentrations of pure hemp extract and CBG! This efficient delivery method allows for targeted application.

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In today’s Canada newsletter from @jbstaniforth we learn that legal REC prices are on the rise as illicit #cannabis prices drop, the Toronto Stock Exchange debuts a cannabis index, and Veterans Affairs may expand its coverage of MED products.

Huhu @PolizeiSachsen,
habe gerade eure Pressemitteilung zu den 200g #Cannabis, die von 70 Beamten gefunden wurden gelesen und ich habe dazu eine ernstgemeinte Frage:

Wer ist das Opfer dieses Verbrechens, das eine Strafverfolgung rechtfertigt?

Grüße aus dem Schatten

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480w 9500 lux at the edge
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