May 31st, 2018

The Giantweed Project: A Canadian Initiative

Please note we do not operate a retail storefront. All sales via our website are by mail order. We only ship within Canada. We do not ship to any country outside of Canada unless the Government of your country of residence has a legal agreement with the Government of Canada to allow the sale and distribution of and products that we are the vendors of.

For the safety of our members and the privacy of our membership we do not maintain a permanent office location. If you wish to contact us please use email.

Contact us by email:

Giantweed Project
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Vancouver, British Columbia

Based in Canada, is actively involved in education and awareness on the uses, dangers and benefits of marijuana use. We believe in the freedom to use natural resources derived from the planet without the industrialization or exploitation of these resources for the purpose of greed and profit. The creation of industries based on dependence and associated taxing of the sale of these resources is considered by us to be an indication of the darker side of society.

Will Denver Be the First Place in America to Legalize Magic Mushrooms?

Rerolled: September 18, 2018 | #STDW Denver could essentially legalize psychedelic mushrooms by next spring if a group ...
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Chronicle AM: South Africa Legalizes Pot Possession, Senate Passes Opioid Bill, More… (9/18/18)

Rerolled: September 18, 2018 | #STDW South Africa just became the first country on the continent to legalize ...
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Letters, Sept. 19: Victoria shouldn’t restrict pot shops or black market will remain, reader warns

rerolled on giantweed from the source I hope the B.C. government gives some serious thought about the consequences ...
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Canadian Cannabis Company Tilray to Export Products to United States

Rerolled from a High Times Original Article Tilray, a Canadian cannabis company, has received permission from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency ...
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@bayflowerco_ Funny. Still hundreds of tweets saying it’s basically imminent #cannabis #potstocks

En eaux troubles depuis une semaine, la #CAQ veut mettre son équipe en valeur. Sortie en règle de 8 candidats sur le #cannabis. @francoislegault n'est pas visible: se prépare pour le #debatQC de TVA. #polqc

Si no tienen la mercancía y no lo indican y encima se hacen el sordo cuando les piden una devolución, ¿Como le podemos llamar a esto @ServoVendi?

o piruleo?



.@ServoVendi el pedido 1030034312 del 16/09/2018 no ha salido de su almacén

Porqué no lo anulan y devuelven el dinero como declaran en su pagina si no cumplen el plazo?

"Entrega 24h en Península - Haz tu pedido antes de las 17h y lo recibirás al día siguiente"
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The Constitutional Court
Decriminalized Dagga for private use and private cultivation
Re tsuba patše ka peace ✌🏾