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Marijuana Laws In European Countries

Our friends over at Herbonaut.com have created a great info graphic to highlight the degree of legality and decriminalization of marijuana throughout the countries in Europe. It offers an easy-to-read table of the various degrees of legality of cannabis and marijuana.

Laws vary by country and before traveling, buying or using marijuana in foreign countries is it important to understand the state of local acceptance of weed. Medical use is often the most common legal form of marijuana but decriminalization and growing recreational legalities have changed the policies of tolerance throughout the world.

On this graphic, you will find up-to-date information about the legal status of personal marijuana use in different countries in Europe as of 2018. This covers medical or recreational use as well as tolerance levels for amounts allowed to be carried or grown.

With marijuana laws and policies changing so quickly around the globe…
It’s hard to keep up with the current facts.
Today you’re getting an interactive map (which is updated regularly), where you can quickly see the current situation of marijuana in your country (in Europe). Courtesy of https://www.herbonaut.com/where-is-marijuana-legal/

Whatever your feelings on the benign nature of the plant it is important to realize that not all countries follow your feelings or beliefs and a country that prohibits drug use should be respected unless you want to face detention, criminal charges or worse.

In most European countries and U.S. states, you will go to jail for a number of years for selling marijuana, cultivating marijuana, or carrying large quantities of marijuana with you.

Besides the medicinal use of marijuana, even the recreational use of marijuana has started to gain acceptance as a right for citizens of various states and countries.

Infographic courtesy of Herbonaut.

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