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July 17th, 2019

Marijuana use may not make parents more 'chill'

Sorry, marijuana moms and dads: Using pot may not make you a more relaxed parent, at least when it comes to how you discipline your children. A study of California parents found that current marijuana users administered more discipline techniques of all kinds to their children on average than did non-users. That includes everything from timeouts to, in some cases, physical abuse.

Source: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/07/190717084343.htm

Chronicle AM: MI Pot Expungement Bill Filed, Sri Lanka President Blames Drug Gangs for Terror Attacks, More… (7/16/19)

Rerolled: July 16, 2019 | #STDW Columbus, Ohio, is moving to decriminalize up to seven ounces of weed, …
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Columbus, Ohio May Significantly Reduce Penalties for Marijuana Possession

Rerolled from a High Times Original Article The city council in Columbus, Ohio is considering cannabis policy reforms …
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New Jersey Opens Major Expansion of Medical Marijuana Program

Rerolled from a High Times Original Article On Monday, New Jersey’s Department of Health announced plans to accept …
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Cannabis treatment counters addiction: First study of its kind

An Australian study has demonstrated that cannabis-based medication helps tackle dependency on cannabis, one of the most widely …
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US Congressman quits #GOP, immediately files bill to end #cannabis prohibition:


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https://t.co/2IIUWSv53O #marijuana 🌿growers in #Utah face a longer-than-expected wait ⚠️because a state agency postponed 🚧the decision to award licenses.

State regulators 🛂announced they delayed until the end of #July the announcement of who will #grow 🚜the state’s #mmj

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Police raided properties in Gore and Mataura on Friday.

Police have arrested two people in relation to an alleged aggravated burglary at a south Otago address on June 12.
On Friday morning police executed search …- https://t.co/b38cWC7nBR -#weed #marijuana #THC

The Hemp Gold Rush has already started 😮

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Retail Lottery Update: In addition to the 250k access to funds, and a 50k letter of credit from the bank, @BMO is charging the #cannabis retail lottery applicants $3,000 (!!!) just to produce the documents required by the @AGCO – no other client is being charged for this service

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