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White Widow Weed

White Widow - Over-the-Calf Dress Socks by POTTED (Weed/Cannabis/Marijuana Strain designs)

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  • DESIGN: Cannabis-inspired designs without the obvious tropes. Our bold colors and subtlety allow you to match them with casual or dressy attire.
  • COMFORT & DURABILITY: Expertly fabricated cotton that breathes well and keeps elasticity and softness through many washes.
  • SIZE INFORMATION: One-size stretch fit. Fit for men's (US) 6-12 or womens (US) 7-13. If you have any problems with our socks, please let us know and we would be happy to work with you to resolve the problem. We hope you enjoy your purchase!

White Widow Marijuana Strain Review

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White Label Seed Company

White Label Seeds is committed to delivering the very best cannabis strains at the very best prices! Choose from our wide range of popular cannabis varieties.

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New Crush Alert: The Stoner Babes Coloring Book

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Hoopsnake: What goes around boogies down

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RT @420jwebster: Top shelf White widow #cannabis #StonerNation #STONER #Cannabis #legalizeit #weed #weedPosts #stonernation #Hightimes #Sto…
- @mrsparkyablunt

white widow https://t.co/vYyiluzfyO
- @SmokeWeedToday

Something that shows you're basic: your fav weed is white widow
- @charlotte_rdb

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